Founded by Chris Alfano and John Fazio in 2007, the Jarvus team honed their skills on a number of popular web communities before following market opportunities into business workflow software. In the pursuit of crafting a streamlined business platform, Jarvus began developing mobile applications to “fill the gap” as an increasing number of users accessed web content on their mobile devices. The Jarvus team now supports a wide range of information systems that transcend devices, supporting business models for 50+ firms, small and large.

Jarvus provides strategic consulting, applications development, and cloud infrastructure support for businesses and education institutions looking to streamline their operations and better connect their teams. The Jarvus production engine specializes in open-source technologies such as PHP, Ext JS, and Sencha Touch.

In addition to our client services, we put our production engine to work on a number of ventures with existing businesses in exchange for equity.

We are a fine-tuned engine of freelancers, entrepreneurs and drop-outs. Our overlapping skills allow us to anticipate the needs of coworkers and clients alike. Without the structural limitations set by most larger companies, we’re able to work faster and more efficiently. Here are the people that make it happen.

Chris Alfano Machine

CTO, Systems Architect & Lead Engineer

Our lead developer and platform pioneer has been writing Javascript since the tender age of thirteen. Nowadays, he’s the creator of the Emergence open-source platform, Director of IT at SLA (Science Leadership Academy), and overall code guru. As far as development at Jarvus is concerned, the buck stops here.

John Fazio Catalyst

CEO, Director of Sales & Ventures, Product Manager

Much of our vision as a company can be attributed to our lead project manager and fearless leader. John’s a born motivator who could sell honey to a beekeeper. He eats business plans for breakfast, development schedules for a late lunch, and crunches code for a midnight snack. Give this guy a good idea, and he’ll give you a business.

Jessie Cunningham Optimizer

Director of Process Management

The driving force to organize the Jarvus team, Jessie possesses a rare combination of expertise in development, hardware and business process management that allows her to understand and optimize every role in a project. While continuing to improve internal processes and unite the team, she additionally ensures we deliver on our commitments.

Christian Kunkel Accelerator

Director of Education Technology

An entrepreneur by birth and an educator by trade, Christian provides the passion and experience to drive forward our efforts to improve education through technology. As the co-founder of Startup Corps, he has helped hundreds of students launch organizations that create real value and change lives.

Ryon Coleman Ambassador

Director of Quality Assurance, Interface Engineer

Our CSS guru and resident Apple fanboy has the rare ability to think as a gifted front-end developer and a pixel perfect designer simultaneously. When a designer and developer start grinding gears, Ryon’s got just the right compromise up his sleeve. Not to mention his strategic/copy insights, which have saved us a million times over.

Ali Wiest Artisan

Designer, Interface Developer

Ali’s dedication to improving herself both as a designer and front-end developer has taken Jarvus by storm. Her ability to tip-toe the line between designer and developer is a rare gem in our industry, and she continues to impress our team every day.

Kevin Clough Artificer

Senior Engineer

Having lived and delivered in a wide range of development environments, Kevin thrives in the midst of even the worst development chaos. He also drinks his tea from a traditional yerba mate gourd.

Nafis Bey Ninja


Nafis came to us as a Digital Service Fellow from the Urban Technology Project and his voraciousness for learning and hacking was unrivaled in his group. He immediately joined Jarvus full time after his fellowship and has made a huge impact as a lead developer on a variety of projects and ventures.

Interested in joining the team? Jarvus is currently hiring experienced web developers, designers and software engineers to expand our team. Contact to schedule an interview.

  • partners_sencha

    Sencha Inc., an industry leader in Javascript frameworks, has highlighted Jarvus’ pioneering development on their platform more than once. Having built a name in the Sencha community, Jarvus was officially recognized as a partner developer in 2011. Our relationship with Sencha provides us with direct access to the developers who build the platforms we build on, as well as opportunities for subcontracted work.

  • partners_webillishus is a digital interactive and video production services firm in Philadelphia. Jarvus partnered with on the venture to build the platform The platform aims to bring white-labeled interactive video streaming solutions to the hands of millions of small businesses that can't afford the existing enterprise solutions or need more functionality and brand control than currently offered by uStream and liveStream.

  • partners_science leadership academy

    SLA and Jarvus teamed up to build an open-source education platform for tying together and building a variety of tools. SLA has been the pilot school for the platform for over 3 years. In addition to the consultation from Principal Chris Lehman and his faculty, SLA students have also worked on the development and applications of the open-source platform

  • partners_cities2night

    Cities2Night approached Jarvus to handle the hosting, management, and development of and it's subsidiaries. As a result of the tight-knit relationship that was formed, C2N and Jarvus have combined forces to pursue a number of ventures in the beverage and restaurant sectors.

  • Chariot Solutions

    Jarvus & Chariot have joined forces to expand each other's mobile capacity. Jarvus lends its mobile web, Sencha Touch, and ExtJS expertise to Chariot, and Chariot lends it's native iOS & Android development expertise to Jarvus. The teams' synergy enhances both companies offerings to cover the full spectrum of mobile device development.

  • partners_choice shirts

    Brought together by Alex Hillman of IndyHall, ChoiceShirts, Alex, and Jarvus joined forces on the venture to build a t-shirt printing and shipping API. The three parties have a vision for offering manufacturing and fulfilment as a service to individuals and small businesses across a variety of industries.

  • Sencha
  • Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Thayer Distribution
  • Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress
  • The Roots
  • Consumer Reports
  • Electronic Ink
  • Two.One.Five. Magazine
  • TedX SJU
  • TedX Philly
  • Philly Tech Week
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Christie‘s
  • Elsevier
  • Philly FM
  • Mix Restaurant and Bar
  • Science Leadership Academy
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  • After-School Programs

    During the school year, Jarvus works in tandem with the Science Leadership Academy (SLA), Urban Technology Project, and Communities in Schools Philadelphia to host Digital Service Fellows and SLA students for hands-on mentoring at Jarvus after school. The Jarvus mentors guide and support the students while they build their own applications.

  • Civic Hacking

    We use our development engine for positive influence in our city through a variety of civic hacking efforts. As a member of the Civic Hackers Guild, Jarvus organizes, hosts, and promotes a series of “hackathons” for community projects in the Philadelphia area.

  • Summer Code Camp

    After school lets out for the summer, Jarvus works with SLA to provide students with a place to continue pursuing their software development passions during their vacation. Students work with Jarvus mentors and developers who guide them through creating their own web applications.

  • Mentorship/Internship

    Jarvus offers college graduates, undergrads, and dropouts a variety of mentorship and internship programs. Interns are expected to pursue their own projects while receiving support from their Jarvus mentors. If and when an intern rises to production-level capabilities, Jarvus will offer access to an immediate flow of paid freelance work.